Top Places You Need to Visit in Paris | Part 2

In my last blog post I told you about some of the top places in Paris I recently visited and would highly recommend to anyone, so if you missed that, go and have a read here before reading this post. Today I have a few more interesting places to share with you, so if you’re travelling to Paris anytime soon, make sure you add these to your itinerary.

Sacré-Coeur – This is a beautiful hilltop white basilica in Montmartre and one of the most incredible landmarks in Paris. It’s the highest point in the city and if you climb the spiral staircase to the top, you’ll have a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of Paris. Make sure you go inside the church and visit the crypt to see the beautiful mosaics, statues and relics.

Montmartre – The basilica is not the only interesting thing to see in Montmartre. I loved the cobbled streets, the pretty houses, the cute cafés, bakeries and art galleries. The whole neighbourhood feels very historic and authentic, almost like a village. Probably one of the most interesting places for most visitors in Montmartre is the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge, which seems quite pricey, but is known to be a great night out in Paris.

Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) – If you’re interested in French history, you need to visit the palace. It’s one of the largest and most lavish palaces in the world with stunning architecture and gardens that spread across 250 acres…absolutely enormous and beautiful! Some of the highlights in the palace are the King’s Chamber, The Royal Chapel, The Hall of Mirrors and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate. It’s located 16km (10 miles) south-west of Paris and you can easily get there by train.

La Défense – This is the business/financial district of Paris that reminds me a lot of Canary Wharf in London – tall, modern glass and steel buildings, banks, skyscrapers and the impressive Grande Arch. If you fancy some shopping, food or cinema, you can go to Les Quatre Temps Shopping Centre, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit La Défense.

Trocadéro Gardens – I’d recommend going to the famous Jardins du Trocadéro if you want take good photos of the Eiffel Tower. I went there twice, once in the morning and once in the evening, and both times the view was incredible. It’s a very touristy place and can get crowded at times, but it’s definitely a nice spot to visit. From there, you can go for a walk along the Seine and enjoy Paris to the fullest.

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