Tips For Buying Your First Designer Handbag

Let me just start by saying that designer handbags are not something that you necessarily need in your life, but if you’re thinking of making your first designer handbag purchase, I have some tips that might help you.


It’s great to get inspiration from magazines, bloggers and websites like Pinterest and Instagram, but don’t get influenced by what everyone else is wearing and don’t spend your money on a bag just because it is the latest It-bag. Everyone has different lifestyle and needs, so think about the size, shape and colour that would work best for you.


There are so many designer brands and handbags out there and it’s so important to do your research before making a purchase. You can read reviews and watch videos to see what people who already own the bag that you’re interested in think about its functionality and durability. This can help you figure out how much wear you can get out of this bag. Go into a store to see the bag and ask questions about it, and do this as many times as you need to make sure it’s the right bag for you.


Ask yourself if this bag goes well with your style and how many outfits you can put together with it. Your safest bet is to go for a neutral colour, but if you wear a lot of dark-coloured clothing, especially denim, and you’re thinking of buying a light-coloured handbag, you’ll have to be very careful with it to avoid colour transfer. Don’t forget about the hardware on the bag. Most handbags come in either gold or silver-toned hardware, so consider what jewellery you wear before you decide on the handbag.


While it might be tempting to go for something that is very trendy at the moment, for a first designer handbag purchase, it would be better in the long run to choose a classic design that has been around for a long time and that will never go out of style. You can use it year after year, plus it will still be in demand, so will have a better resale value if you decide to sell it further down the line.


If you’re going to carry your bag every day, then materials like suede, velvet or calf leather may not be the best choice. They are beautiful, but very delicate and can get marked or scratched very easily. Think about the weather where you live and how you’re going to use your bag. If you don’t want to worry too much about it, choose a durable material like textured leather or coated canvas. When you’re spending a considerable amount of money on a handbag, you want to make sure you buy something sturdy that is going to wear well.


Different stores and websites may have a slightly different price for the exact same handbag, so make sure to shop around. One website I like to use is You can search by the name of the bag and see which online retailers are selling it and at what price, including any discounts they might have. Make a list of all the websites that stock your bag and subscribe to their marketing emails, because they often send out discount codes that otherwise you wouldn’t know about. Also, keep in mind what sales are coming up and if you can wait until the end of season sale or Black Friday, you might be lucky to find your dream bag on discount.


If you’re after a vintage bag or one that is sold out everywhere, you can check out the pre-owned market. A very popular website is and I like to keep an eye on their handbags. I haven’t shopped there yet, but have heard only positive things about it, so wanted to mention it. Some classic bags never go on sale and I think that buying pre-owned is always a good option.

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